Studio Albicini


The main areas of practice of the Firm are:

  • Civil and commercial law: counseling on civil and commercial matters involving management and operational business issues;
  • Corporate law: shareholding relations; management liabilities; drafting of bylaws and operating agreements; mergers and acquisitions; transfer of assets, business and corporate participations;
  • Commercial and international contracts: conditions of sale and purchase; integrated distribution and franchising; sales promotion and agency agreements; supply of industrial equipment and machinery; subcontracting agreements; bank guarantees and payment instruments;
  • Intellectual property: licensing and technology transfer agreements; intellectual property litigation;
  • Business outsourcing and supplies: procurement, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements.

In these areas, the activities of the Firm span from domestic to global operations indifferently, due to the progressive fading of the long established distinction between national and international business in an environment where companies worldwide seek access to, and resources from, any geographic market.

Besides litigation, traditionally the basics of legal practice, the Firm focuses on non-judicial advising and counseling, which have become one of its distinctive traits.

The way the Firm advises its client is participatingin the day-to-day operations and interfacing closely with the clients in the planning, negotiation and closing stages of the concerned transactions until they are finalized.

The Firm is one of the advisors of Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna (the organization of the Chambers of Commerce of the Emilia Romagna region) for the INFOEXPORT project (on-line counseling provided for the member companies of the regional Chambers of Commerce in the matter of international transactions and contracts).